Jennifer Graham

Jennifer's Purpose Drivers


Who: Organization
(37% of the community share this driver)
Your purpose is to work to help teams and organizations.
Why: Karma
(76% of the community share this driver)
You are driven to create opportunities for success.
How: Human-centered
(37% of the community share this driver)
You generate purpose most when you work to create contexts and experiences that address the needs of people and their environment.

My Imperative is to work with teams and organizations to enable them to elevate their game by creating their environments and experiences.

Examples of Purpose Moments


  • Achieving an organizational stretch goal
  • Getting a group to have an "a-ha" moment
  • Synthesizing complex needs
  • Getting recognition from your peers
  • Connecting a team to larger purpose
  • Facilitating a difficult change
  • Finding a better path forward for a team
  • Figuring out a strategy that solves a problem quickly
  • Getting ahead faster than my competitors
  • Finding opportunities to be competitive and win
  • Creating opportunities to change the way things have been done
  • Individual recognition and personal achievement
  • Uncovering a new insight about a need or behavior
  • Seeing an environment transformed
  • Creating an innovative solution
  • Talking to people about a challenge or opportunity
  • Exploring options
  • Seeing someone interact with what you designed

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