Leverage the power of purpose and peer coaching to help people managers thrive and develop the leaders of the future.

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"We’re all 'wired' to feel a sense of purpose based on whom we impact, why we work, and how we lead. These drivers typically don’t change as people switch jobs or roles. They’re more like a personal 'North Star.'"

Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst
Author, The Purpose Economy
CEO and Founder, Imperative

When managers specifically connect with their sense of purpose, the benefits amplify throughout their organization. It creates more productive workers and more successful teams.

In this quick read, learn how leading companies like Hasbro, Zillow and Boston Scientific are using peer coaching to help each manager identify their purpose drivers and connect the drivers to their work.

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In this quick read, we'll cover:

Research pointing to the value of personal purpose
How is purpose is connected to increased productivity, retention, and fulfillment
The easy steps to launch and scale at your organization