Cultivate Fulfilled & Empowered Teams

Leading Employers Cultivate Fulfilled & Empowered Teams with Imperative

Give employees the insight and confidence to chart their own path to success – so they contribute to yours for years to come.

Carrie works hard. You see that she has potential, but she lacks clarity about what a fulfilling career looks like for her. She might even jump ship because she blames the organization for her lack of fulfillment and career growth – and that’s not great for your bottom line.

Imperative has the solution. Purpose + Peer Coaching.

Imperative’s purpose assessment and peer coaching platform gives you research-backed tools to help your employees understand what makes them feel fulfilled and manage their own career growth (rather than expecting you to do it).

Armed with insight about their purpose – and the language to advocate for their needs – your employees will not only excel at their current role, but proactively seek out opportunities to grow inside your organization.

People who engage in peer coaching are twice as likely to expect to stay for 5+ years. (2019 Workforce Purpose Index)

Carrie’s Purpose-Driven Career Development


Carrie takes the purpose assessment and uncovers her potential.


Imperative’s algorithm matches her with a series of other colleagues across the organization for peer coaching.

Peer Coaching

Each week they complete a 30-45 minute peer coaching session on Imperative and stretch each other to uncover opportunities for growth.


Carrie approaches her role with clarity and confidence, and taps into her new peer network to identify her own opportunities for career growth.

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