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How peer coaching helped to boost Accolade team's development and motivation

"We heard feedback right away from multiple leaders that their team said this was the most valuable thing they did all quarter for their personal development. Not only that it was easy, but it was so energizing and motivating. That was pretty revolutionary for us—and we knew that we have to do more of that."

Melissa Henderson, VP of HR

EVP of People and Culture

Accolade is a fast-growing healthcare technology company, committed to creating an exceptional employee experience.  To make this a reality, Accolade’s leadership team set out to create a coaching culture that supported all employees, while deepening leadership practices.

Accolade’s EVP of People and Culture, Britt Provost, and her team turned to peer coaching to create a coaching culture that was inclusive and scalable.

By leveraging peers, rather than paid coaches, they were able to make coaching truly accessible to everyone and incorporate building coaching skills into the day-to-day flow of work.