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How Code for America used peer coaching on Imperative to build a coaching culture and empower employees to own their career development and fulfillment

"What peer coaching does is meet people where they are. It was incredibly powerful as a way of fostering connection and ended up being a lovely way to create a scalable solution for us, offering connection and providing growth to our managers."

Chief Financial and People Officer

Code for America (CfA) is a civic technology organization that works to provide human-centered solutions for government services, making “government work in the digital age.” For CfA, having a work culture filled with constant collaboration, innovation and inspiration is essential.

When the COVID-19 pandemic set in, the company faced a series of big, new challenges. It turned to Imperative to create a peer coaching program to meet CfA’s needs.

Within just the first few weeks, the results were already “incredibly powerful” and transformational for CfA, explains Zeryn Sarpangal, chief financial and people officer, who was also one of the participants. As a result of peer coaching, participants began to take all sorts of concrete actions that have helped the organization flourish. Now, the program is expanding across the organization.