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How Hasbro Builds Manager Networks with Peer Coaching

"Within a couple hours of launching, the emails started rolling in. ‘What is this magic?’ ‘How did you know to pair me with this person?’ ‘How did you know to connect us?’ The emails were just rolling and rolling in. The magic of your algorithm is clearly working. It was amazing."

melissa henderson

VP of HR

Hasbro has been widely recognized as one of the most innovative, creative, and socially responsible companies for over 100 years. With so many changes happening in the world and in the workplace, Hasbro’s leadership team set out to reimagine their employee experience, looking for innovative ways for employees to own their growth, engagement, and success.

Hasbro’s Vice President of Human Resources, Melissa Henderson, and her team turned to Imperative’s peer coaching platform as the solution that could create manager networks, giving managers the support and connection they were craving.