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How Zillow used peer coaching to build community among managers

"Coaching skills are critical to the scalability of our company. It's key to us being able to hire all the people we need, develop them, and so on. Being a coach is a big focus at Zillow. Peer coaching has been phenomenal, because it puts into practice all the coaching skills we teach."

corina kolbe

VP of Learning and Development

Zillow has long been known for their culture of innovation, and now they’re leading the way in redesigning the workplace as we know it. They are reimagining their corporate offices to be primarily places of collaboration, launching new work norms and flexible schedules.  In doing so, they are creating a model for the new world of work.

At the heart of all this change, however, was the reality that they also needed to redesign how they support and develop managers.  Managers define the culture, experience and performance of their teams. But now, they’re also facing extreme complexity and unprecedented challenges.

Zillow partnered with Imperative to create a new, ongoing program on the Imperative peer coaching platform with the goal of supporting their remote managers--addressing wellbeing, inclusion, belonging and building coaching skills.