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Implementing purpose in organizations worldwide.

Georgina Corscadden
Peak Connexxion group
Peak Connexxion offers commitment and energy in both the design and delivery of all our training and coaching programmes. We work with integrity and commitment to make a difference both for the individual and the organisation. We work in partnership to harness the collective wisdom that can sustain lasting change and build sustainable relationships with our clients continually strive towards continuous improvement.
Stephen Graziani
Mastery studio
Our mission is to empower people to have lives rich with purpose, mastery, performance, and fulfillment and to help companies create environments where such people thrive. We offer executive coaching, Purpose and Mastery programs, and workforce consulting informed by our extensive research on Mastery in the digital age, Columbia University’s coaching process, and real-world experience delivering contingent workforce solutions for technology, healthcare, and professional services companies.  
Bill Holsinger-Robinson
Furtherd, LLC
Furtherd is a Design Strategy and Consulting Agency. We leverage a Design Thinking Framework to get to the heart of any issue, while we utilize Purpose as our organizing principle.
Jared Karol
I help emerging leaders find their authentic narrative around why they do what they do. I help them use their intrinsic motivators to realize their potential so they can develop innovative, productive teams where everyone feels like they belong and can contribute optimally.
Nathan Shultz
elevate with purpose
Nathan Shultz has spent the last 15+ years dedicated to helping companies and leaders transform through purpose & executive coaching and brand management & consulting.  He has worked with Goldman Sachs, Kraft Foods, family companies and start-ups.  He is a certified yoga teacher and hosts a weekly men’s group.
Steve VanValin
My purpose is to be a positive force that forever changes the experience of work. Everything I do is anchored on creating cultures rich in meaningful relationships that are positive, creative, energizing and deeply fulfilling.

I work with business leaders who believe culture is their key to unlock a competitive advantage. It starts by shaping healthy high-performance cultures through remarkable leadership.
Margaret Walker-Scavo
MWS Executive coaching
I wanted to be a firm that uniquely cares for client needs and not one that checks a box when the project or assignment is complete.  The relationship I have with my clients mean everything to me.  
With that as my foundation, I get to do whatI love to do every day… helping people, teams and organizations be their best.   My purpose is and has always been throughout my entire career, to help leaders be their best by finding their greatest strengths and gifts in themselves and in those around them.
Dena Wiggins, MBA
You hold keys to your success as individuals & within teams. I facilitate your journey to unlock & leverage this insight, wisdom& purpose.  When this happens, galvanized results occur—results that spark, excite & engage yourself, your organization and those you serve.

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