Certified Purpose Leader Program

Learn How to Embed Purpose in your Programs

Leadership Development
Encourage leaders to courageously lead by authentically connecting with their purpose.

Manager Capability Training
Prepare managers to have effective individual and human conversations.

Career Development
Reframe personal discovery and career development around personal purpose.

Create meaningful experiences for new employees to connect their purpose to the organization's.

Imperative's Implementation Model

Discovering Purpose Drivers

After training, you'll understand the science behind Imperative's Purpose Assessment and how to use the platform to unlock a more fulfilling experience in the workplace. In addition to uncovering your own Purpose Drivers, you will also learn the information necessary to become an expert in Purpose and it's value in work.

Peer Coaching

You are going to get hands on experience with Imperative-powered peer coaching - the key to sustainable and effective implementation. You'll learn how it promotes a learning culture and a fulfilling employee experience. You will also be paired with other participants during training to coach and support each other throughout the 2.5-day training experience.

Develop a Pilot Program

Learn from your peers at other organizations about what has worked for them, gain insights into overcoming common obstacles, and leverage the wisdom in the room to develop your own pilot. We'll make sure you are prepared to return to your organization and hit the ground running!


Purpose is fully integrated into the targeted talent development program.

The Workshop

The Foundational Training

The Certified Purpose Leaders Program is a 2.5 day workshop developed to help and coach leaders in the workplace. Two people attend the training, which enables them to implement purpose in their programs.

Day One: Discover and activate your purpose.

Day Two: Integrate purpose into your program.

Day Three: Champion purpose at your organization.

Who Should Attend?

Resources and Benefits

Leaders genuinely passionate about purpose and changing the workforce.
Leaders in roles that are sponsoring and running programs around leadership, manager, and career development.
Plug-and-play solution for your program
Assessments for individuals and teams
Purpose Mindset methodology
Conversation guides
Database of targeted job hacks to help with mindset process
Slide decks and facilitation guides for all workshops
Dynamic team agendas
Reporting and best-in-class admin tools

Upcoming Certifications

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July 10 - 12
‍New York City, NY

September 11-13
New York City, NY