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Top Employers Transform Their Culture with Imperative

What if every employee could connect your values to their identity and personal experience?

Give employees the insight, connection, and language to fully embrace organizational change.

Your CEO gets up on stage at your all hands meeting and powerfully shares the organization’s new values, strategy, or purpose. Everyone leaves inspired, but a few days later it’s back to business as usual. No one changes their behavior or direction – and your attempt at cultural transformation falls flat.

Imperative has the solution. Purpose + Peer Coaching.

Imperative’s purpose assessment and peer coaching platform gives you research-backed tools to help employees own and understand your organization’s transformation. From mergers to values to strategy to purpose, we help your people become authentic change agents for your new corporate culture.

Employees who process change with the Imperative platform…

  • Overcome initial fear and embrace the change,
  • Take ownership of the role of the change in their work,
  • See change as an opportunity, and
  • Develop the connections and support they need to successfully navigate change.
89% of people who engage in peer coaching report having a growth mindset. (2019 Workforce Purpose Index)

The Purpose-Driven Transformation Process


Employees take the purpose assessment and align their purpose with the organization’s purpose and values.


Imperative’s algorithm matches all employees to peers for sets of curated coaching conversations.

Peer Coaching

They complete sets of 30-45 minute peer coaching sessions with peers on Imperative about the changes in the organization.


Everyone is able to speak authentically about the change and their role in it, ensuring the organization’s future success.

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