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Samantha is a high performer. She was recently promoted to manager because, well, she’s a high performer. But high performers don’t always make good managers. Samantha struggles to connect with – and create a safe space for – her team members, and her confidence takes a hit every time someone leaves her team.

Sound familiar?

Imperative has the solution. Purpose + Peer Coaching.

Imperative’s purpose assessment and peer coaching platform gives you research-backed tools to help your managers connect their purpose with the company’s purpose. They’ll learn empathy and active listening to better understand and inspire their teams, while building sustained peer support from other managers.

People who engage in peer coaching are twice as likely to expect to stay for 5+ years. (2019 Workforce Purpose Index)

Samantha’s Purpose-Driven Leadership Activation


Samantha takes the purpose assessment and aligns her purpose with the organization’s purpose and values.


Imperative’s algorithm matches her with a series of other leaders for peer coaching.

Peer Coaching

Each week, Samantha and her partner complete a 30-45 minute peer coaching session on Imperative.


Samantha becomes a confident and beloved manager, creating a safe space for her team to do their best work.

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