Foster Connection & Belonging. On Day One.

Leading Employers Onboard with Imperative

Help new employees feel at home - and make an impact - right away.

Mae recently joined your organization. She’s pumped to be there (and you’re pumped to have her!). But something happens a month or two into Mae’s tenure: She disconnects and disengages. She doesn’t feel connected to the team or the culture. She is unsure if she fits. She loses confidence.

Imperative has the solution. Purpose + Peer Coaching.

Imperative’s Purpose Assessment and Peer Coaching platform gives you research-backed tools to help new employees feel connected, supported, and safe (fast). And it gives them the insight and language to ask for what they need to feel fulfilled – so that they can do their very best work.

Employees who onboard with the Imperative platform…

  • Advocate for themselves
  • Build an immediate connection with colleagues
  • Develop psychological safety at work
  • Reinforce how their purpose aligns with their employer’s purpose
  • Cultivate a strong relationship with their manager
People who engage in peer coaching are twice as likely to expect to stay for 5+ years. (2019 Workforce Purpose Index)

Mae's Purpose-Driven Onboarding


Mae takes the Purpose Assessment and aligns her purpose with the organization's purpose and values.


Imperative's algorithm matches her with another new employee for peer onboarding coaching.

Peer Coaching

Mae and her partner complete three 30-45 minute peer coaching sessions on Imperative in their first 30 days on the job.


Mae meets with her new manager feeling clear, confident, and connected.

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