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Network Development

Build relationships. Bust Silos. Transform Your Culture.

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Imperative accelerates trust and builds bonds between employees across silos in your company. 89% of people on the platform report they built a meaningful and sustained relationship with each new connection.
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Matching Algorithms

Employees are regularly matched with the right new peer coaching partner for them and the organization. By combining purpose and fulfillment profile data with traditional demographic data, Imperative is able, for the first time, to use predictive organization network analytics to create connections that are proven to drive positive changes in the organization’s culture.

Diagram of seven connected circles each with an individual illustration of a person within the circle. Each circle is labeled with a different department name, such as "engineering, HR, marketing, etcetera." The overall diagram illustrates how employees from different departments are matched for a peer coaching session.
Tablet displaying a “silo busting” circular graphic. The graphic has multiple colors around the perimeter of the circle which represent how different groups within an organization can connect across functions, locations, and demographics within an organization.

Silo Busting


By rotating connections across silos in a company, Imperative breaks down the barriers to collaboration, communication, and belonging. It enables executives to accelerate trust across the business and integrate new or isolated groups into the culture. They can then watch in real time as the groups connect across functions, locations, and demographics.

Cultural Dials

Imperative’s AI-driven employee network development engine uses proven organization network analytics to enable executives to select the changes they want to amplify within their company. Executives can choose from five “Culture Dials” that give them the ability to advance the top culture change priorities in the workplace today.

Accelerating idea generation and increasing implementation efficiency

Improving decision making and uncovering resources

Orienting the organization to its purpose and connecting employees to it
Decreasing burnout and increasing mental health

Developing trusted bonds between people of different identities

Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.