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Leveraging behavioral science and proven coaching methodologies, Imperative turns every employee into an effective coach with no training.

Purple circular bar chart infographic illustrating that 75% of conversations on the imperative platform are rated "helpful" or "breakthrough"Purple circular bar chart infographic illustrating that 83% of conversation on the Imperative platform lead to action

Scientifically-Proven Coaching Model

On Imperative, peers are regularly matched 1:1 with a peer - someone at the same level in the organization. They engage in a set of guided conversations as true equals, helping each other grow through storytelling and empathy - not advice. They end each conversation with meaningful commitment to each other to make small changes that create big life-changing growth

In the Flow of Work

Psychological Safety

Personal Ownership

Social Accountability

Manage, Scale, And Measure Your Peer Coaching Program

“Peer coaching has been one of the most effective and popular programs I’ve ever launched as an HR leader.” - Britt Provost, Chief People Officer, Accolade

Accessible to
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Employee Experience

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Video-Based Coaching

Imperative’s video platform makes it easy for employees around the world to have powerful conversations from their offices or home offices.

Guided Meaningful Conversations

Every two weeks, peers are guided through a personalized conversation that is scientifically engineered to be psychologically safe, positive, reflective, and energizing. The platform provides dynamically generated questions and follow-ups to help peers dig deeper and move to tangible action.
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Live Coaching Insights

Built into every conversation are predictive coaching insights about each person - pointing out biases, motivations, example behaviors, and patterns based on their profile. This leads to breakthrough moments and deepens both the conversation and the connection.

Action Tracking

At the end of each conversation, peers help each other design a commitment to an action they will take before their next conversation to strengthen their relationships, increase their impact, or accelerate their growth. They then debrief the action commitment in their next conversation, increasing accountability and learning from their experiments.

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Enterprise Ready Technology

Imperative is built to enterprise standards for privacy and security so you and your people always know they are safe.

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Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.