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Purpose Profile

Unlocking the purpose of every employee

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According to McKinsey, only 15% of front line managers and their teams see a path of living their personal purpose in their job. On Imperative, 85% of employees report they can see their path to purpose.

Purpose Profile

Each person creates a profile that unlocks their personal purpose and measures their current fulfillment at work. Imperative is then personalized for them based on what gives them confidence and clarity to navigate work—from a psychological place of optimism instead of fear.

Tablet display featuring Imperative platform "personal purpose profile". The page displayed on the laptop identifies a user's purpose type, this one saying "the champion".
Tablet displaying the Imperative platform's pre-conversation check-in feature. A pop up on the screen asks the user to identify how their feeling at work in the areas of "relationships, impact, and growth" with options including "thrilled, happy, okay, unhappy, frustrated".

Fulfillment Pulsing

Before each conversation, each person measures their current level of fulfillment at work. It anchors them to their intrinsic motivations and builds a sense of ownership for living their purpose at work.

Coaching Insights

Based on the purpose of each person, Imperative embeds insights about their purpose drivers into their peer coaching conversations. This deepens conversations and helps people keep their purpose front and center in their work.

Screenshot of the Imperative platform's imperative setting feature. The feature prompts the user to identify an action they would like to perform by their next peer coaching conversation. The feature poses the question “in what area do you want to grow?” and includes selection options such as “team member, direct report, peer network”.

Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.