How Audible’s CEO Is Working To Lift Up The City Around The Company’s Office

Aaron Hurst
Purposeful Leadership
July 13, 2017

In 2007, Donald Katz decided to move the offices of Audible—the audiobook platform he founded more than two decades ago, now the largest audiobook producer and retailer, and an Amazon subsidiary—from suburban New Jersey into the heart of Newark. It was an unusual move for a tech startup (Newark wasn’t known for its tech scene), but for Katz, it was a powerful way to articulate the values and aspirations of his young company including his approach to being CEO. Rather than setting the company back, Katz credits the move with his success in building a strong culture and a personal legacy.

When he first moved the headquarters to Newark, he was told that the company would lose 25% of its workforce. Contrary to those predictions, Katz says they didn’t lose anyone. And, today, Audible is the fastest growing private sector employer in Newark.

“We [moved to Newark] because we wanted to. At that point, we knew we were becoming really successful.” [Photo: courtesy Audible]

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