How The CEO Of Big Data Firm Splunk Is Using Data To Boost Social Purpose

Aaron Hurst
Purposeful Leadership
March 16, 2017

When Clenergy, the Australian-based renewable energy company, wanted to build the first commercial solar car, it sponsored, TeamArrow, a leading solar car racing team, to collect over 400 data points per second from the track. Powering this massive endeavor is Splunk, an $8 billion big-data analytics platform founded in 2003.

Splunk has given TeamArrow a free license to use their technology so they can monitor a range of variables like battery storage, driver safety, heat, and other control system operations, which turned out to be crucial in building the fastest solar car that won the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

Splunk’s CEO Doug Merritt uses this story as an example of how he is transitioning a company driven by a technical purpose into one that makes big data for social purpose. He has seen the impact of his platform on their 13,000 customers, such as Domino’s Pizza and Adobe, and now he wants to enable big data to support academic research and generate social impact.

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