Create a Culture Shift

Benz Communications
Marketing and Advertising
San Francisco, CA

The Opportunity: Making a Culture Shift

Benz Communications was looking for a tool that would support both a culture shift and a change in Performance Management Strategies; they found that Imperative would accomplish both of these goals and more.

First, there wasn’t enough psychological safety in the workplace to encourage honest and constructive peer feedback, key to unlocking high-performance and creativity.

Second, the team at Benz Communications noticed that their current Performance Management System was only allowing employees and managers to look back on events from the past few months instead of the full year, limiting opportunities for feedback and improvement.

Benz Communications’ People Strategy

  • Encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work, every day
  • Create a psychologically safe space
  • Increase employee collaboration with constructive feedback and encouragement

The Solution: Creating Openness

First and foremost, the Imperative platform has increased collaboration at Benz Communications. Instead of managers providing the majority of feedback, employees are now encouraged and empowered to offer constructive criticism and encouragement to their peers. Their work with Purpose has made psychological safety and collaboration top of mind for employees.

The main transition, however, has been in fostering a growth mindset through changes in their Performance Management System. Part of this has involved nixing annual goals and traditional 360 reviews in favor of ongoing commitments and regular, informal feedback that team members request from each other. The team at Benz Communications found that trying to look back over the past year resulted in only the most recent occurrences getting noticed. Now, the team gives and gathers feedback about ongoing commitments throughout the year and the summary of this portfolio is reviewed at the end of the year.

The safe space at Benz Communications lends itself to honest feedback and collaboration among employees year-round, improving all-over business functions.

“As we have grown, our managers play a bigger and bigger role in nurturing a high-performing and purpose-driven culture. Imperative’s online coaching platform has given us powerful tools to help our managers grow their own skills and coach their teams. Our team immediately embraced the new model and we have found it to be in perfect alignment with our culture and values.”
– Jennifer Benz, CEO and Founder, Benz Communications

Benz Communications is a leader in HR and employee benefits communications. They have the deep experience and credentials of a big consulting firm with the idealistic and people-focused approach only a boutique can provide.

They’ve helped dozens of clients achieve tangible results that are critical to business success: reducing costs, changing health care behaviors, driving enrollment in consumer-driven plans, improving employee engagement and creating more value out of the dollars spent for HR programs.

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