Veritas - Developing Leaders to Improve Retention & Impact

Veritas Collaborative
Durham, NC (HQ), Richmond, VA, Atlanta GA, & Charlotte, NC

The Opportunity

Veritas Collaborative envisions a world where persons with eating disorders, their families, and their communities have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure. Lack of employee retention – and the impact managers were having on it – was threatening their ability to realize this vision. Although they had several leadership development efforts, they lacked a formalized manager onboarding program that aligned new leaders to their tactical processes and organizational culture. When building the curriculum for this program, Imperative’s purpose-driven peer coaching platform felt like just the right fit. Purpose and fulfillment became the foundational elements of their leadership development content.

The Transformation

Veritas integrated Imperative’s purpose assessment and peer coaching conversations into a leadership training program.

What They’re Saying:

“You're innovative like we are; You’re actively doing research and partnering with other organizations.”
“Imperative’s peer coaching conversations create a space where you can talk about relationships, impact, and growth in a meaningful way.”
“We expect to see significant improvements in manager core competencies like agility and empathy after using Imperative.”