Purpose Activation Program

Empower your employees to discover and activate their personal purpose to be resilient and take ownership of their success and well-being.

Boost Employee Fulfillment

Employees who know their purpose are 370% more likely to be fulfilled.

Build Ownership

Over six weeks, participants report making three or more changes in their work.

Create Human Connection

Employees build deep and supportive relationships with two peers in their company that continue beyond the program.

Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.

Imperative is the leader in employee purpose activation. Hundreds of companies have used our program to empower over 140,000 employees and counting.

The six-week program is easy to launch and manage and produces valuable real-time analytics about your employees' purpose and fulfillment.

  • Purpose assessment

    Employees uncover their purpose drivers using Imperative’s science-based 15 minute purpose assessment.
  • Social learning

    Employees are dynamically matched with two different peers for three coaching conversations each on our video-based peer coaching platform.
  • behavior Change

    Every week, participants pledge specific actions to bring insights about their purpose to life in their work. An astounding 80% of the actions are completed.

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