Purpose Coaching App

Now included on the Imperative Platform is the first ever automated Purpose Coach that empowers every employee to own their fulfillment and development. It combines the data science of purpose with a coaching philosophy based on agile software development. Employees are able to regularly measure their fulfillment and implement proven job hacks to see if they increase the quality of their relationships, level of impact and their personal and professional growth.

Reflection and Tracking

Every week employees take 15 seconds to measure their level of fulfillment. They then can see a chart tracking their fulfillment over time to find trends and celebrate growth. They can also add short journal entries to remind themselves of what happened that week.

Targeted Goals

Every 90 days, employees are able set a new goal to focus on to move forward. They can work on onboarding to a new jobs, improving their relationship with their manager, setting a career direction, seeking out new challenges and growth opportunities, being a more effective manager or leader, increasing their impact or getting more engaged in the community.

Job Hacks for Improvement

Based on their purpose drivers, level of fulfillment, their colleagues, their teams and their 90 day goal, we provide coaching on specific job hacks to try from a growing library of recommendations. They can select a job hack and save it to their timeline and work on it until they are ready for their next one.

Sharing and Co-Learning

As someone uses the Purpose Coach to support a growth mind, the Purpose Coach also has a growth mindset. it is learning about each person and using that knowledge to provide increasingly effective job hack suggestions. It is also gaining insights that enable the Purpose Coach to provide better and better advice to every person on the platform.