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2019 Workforce Purpose Index
In this Workforce Purpose Index, we uncovered something that surprised us - it is statistically impossible to be fulfilled in life if you aren’t fulfilled at work. This makes employee fulfillment, unlike employee engagement, a true imperative.
Activating Peer Coaching
Our research found that, if you engage in peer coaching, you have a 66% chance of being fulfilled. This white paper explores what peer coaching is, why it is beneficial to organizations, and how a company can begin to implement peer coaching.
Make Work More Meaningful
This 2018 study in partnership with PwC and CECP explores how companies can build fulfilling employee experiences. 82% of employees consider fulfillment their responsibility and are ready to shape work to be more meaningful for themselves. This new data will help you recognize and grow the roots of fulfillment within your organization.
2016 Workforce Purpose Index
In 2016, we conducted our second annual study of the role of purpose in the workforce in partnership with LinkedIn. This index provides data that shows the tangible outcomes of purpose-driven performance for talent and businesses.
Purpose in Higher Education
We conducted the Purpose in Higher Education study in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Grinnell College and Seattle Pacific University—learning that 47% of college students are purpose-oriented and are raising the bar for higher education and the workplace.
2015 Workforce Purpose Index
We partnered with NYU to learn more about the current state of fulfillment at work. We found that only 33% of the workforce was fulfilled at work, despite 28% of people defining the role of work in their lives primarily as a source of personal fulfillment and a way to help others.