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The 3 Drivers of Strong Relationships at Work with Author Shasta Nelson

From wellbeing to inclusion to innovation to working from home to productivity to happiness, it all comes back to relationships. When we have strong relationships we thrive and when we don't we struggle. In her new book, The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of Our Relationships Where We Spend Most of Our Time, Shasta Nelson, the leading expert on friendship and healthy relationships distills the research down to three core drivers. In this webinar, she will share the drivers and research behind them in engaging conversation with Imperative's CEO, Aaron Hurst.

After this webinar, you'll walk away with:

  • Knowledge of the latest research regarding relationships in the workplace
  • Insight into how specifically employees AND employers benefit from good relationships in the workplace
  • Deep understanding of the three drivers of a strong relationship
  • Actionable ideas for how to create and build meaningful relationships at work

Peer Coaching Research: The Key to Employee Fulfillment Starts with Something You Already Have

This summer, we engaged thousands of employees and tracked their productivity and fulfillment. What we learned was powerful and truly a bright spot in this challenging year.

In this webinar, Aaron Hurst, the foremost expert on the science of purpose and fulfillment at work and CEO/co-founder of Imperative, will share the results and key take-aways of 20+ beta clients who participated in Imperative's video-based, 1:1 peer coaching conversations with their internal peers. The results should be fascinating for any people leader: the solution to navigating the complexity of work today is already inside your company.

Zeryn Sarpangal, Chief Financial and People Officer from Code for America, will join and share the results her company has seen with peer coaching on Imperative.


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World Economic Forum: Want to build skills and inclusivity? It's all about peer power

This year has brought to a head two of the most crucial issues facing businesses worldwide. Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the skills gap. In order to recover and rebuild after record losses and unemployment, businesses need to reskill and upskill their staff. Skills such as adaptability, agility, communications and more are at the top of the list of needs, in addition to some technical skills that can help companies boost their operations with a newly remote workforce.

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MIT: Newly Remote Workers Need Peer Coaching

While there are tremendous benefits to remote work, there are also challenges — particularly for those who count on the routine and social atmosphere of an office or work site. As Susan Ashford, professor of management and organizations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and her coauthors stated in their literature review of nonstandard work, many scholars and researchers “have documented the feelings of isolation experienced by teleworkers” and have found that the experience can lead to “significantly more negative emotions such as loneliness, irritability, worry, and guilt.”

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HR People + Strategy Blog: The Aftermath of 9/11 and the Financial Crisis Predict The Post-Pandemic Workplace

Crises reshape the workplace. They spark a shift in how people think about their jobs, their organizations and their desire to contribute to the world. As an entrepreneur starting and running organizations during the last two global crises, I have seen that along with all the pain comes an opportunity to advance progress, moving towards a more human workplace.

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Newsweek: Here is Why Laying Off Your Employees During COVID-19 Can Hurt Your Company in the Long Run

There's no doubt that some types of businesses have no choice but to let many employees go. But others are rushing to take such steps. Case in point: Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets and a $4.8 billion portfolio including casinos, laid off 45,000 people. "You're doing the people a favor if you get them furloughed first, because you have them first to (the) unemployment line after the severance that you give them," he said. "It's a trick that I've learned many years ago." (Furloughs are temporary layoffs, although there's no guarantee that they'll be brought back to work.)

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Human Resource Executive: How Peer Coaching Helps Your Employees Find Purpose

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a slew of unprecedented challenges for HR teams: determining which employees are expected to work where and when; ensuring workers have what they need to get their jobs done securely from home; handling layoffs and personnel changes; ensuring healthcare coverage; and much more. One of the biggest and most important is helping workers focus on business-critical tasks even as they’re caring for sick loved ones and ensuring their children get educated via remote schooling.

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Glassdoor: Burnout Is On The Rise. Here's What All Employers Can Do Without Sacrificing Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic is having widespread effects on people's mental health, with stress on the rise. A survey has found that it's contributing to a spike in burnout, and costing employers. About a quarter of workers are experiencing burnout as a result of the pandemic, while another 19% are feeling burnout for other reasons, the study by Eagle Hill Consulting found.

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TLNT: The Best Way to Develop Interpersonal Skills Is Not the Usual Way

In trying to provide the kind of leadership employees need right now, many businesses are struggling. Executives are aware that people need to feel supported and heard through the tumultuousness of COVID-19 and the protests against the killings of Black people by police. They know that workplace cultures must provide empathy and psychological safety. But that’s much easier said than done. In many cases, past efforts to do this have failed altogether, or had only partial success, despite best intentions.

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The Definitive Guide to Peer Coaching

Meaningful conversation is how we learn, adapt, connect, and become fulfilled at work. This white paper highlights the data behind social learning and human connection, the major implications for businesses today and how to globally scale fulfillment.

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2019 Workforce Purpose Index

In this Workforce Purpose Index, we uncovered something that surprised us - it is statistically impossible to be fulfilled in life if you aren’t fulfilled at work. This makes employee fulfillment, unlike employee engagement, a true imperative.

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Make Work More Meaningful

This 2018 study in partnership with PwC and CECP explores how companies can build fulfilling employee experiences. 82% of employees consider fulfillment their responsibility and are ready to shape work to be more meaningful for themselves. This new data will help you recognize and grow the roots of fulfillment within your organization.

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2016 Workforce Purpose Index

In 2016, we conducted our second annual study of the role of purpose in the workforce in partnership with LinkedIn. This index provides data that shows the tangible outcomes of purpose-driven performance for talent and businesses.

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Purpose in Higher Education

We conducted the Purpose in Higher Education study in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Grinnell College and Seattle Pacific University—learning that 47% of college students are purpose-oriented and are raising the bar for higher education and the workplace.

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2015 Workforce Purpose Index

We partnered with NYU to learn more about the current state of fulfillment at work. We found that only 33% of the workforce was fulfilled at work, despite 28% of people defining the role of work in their lives primarily as a source of personal fulfillment and a way to help others.

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