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Manager Coaching Networks

Build a community of managers who support each other as they lead and grow.

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Imperative enables you to connect all your people managers through a support and learning network that builds bridges, provides critical support, drives behavior change and enables them to grow their leadership skills.


Peer coaching networks create intentional boundary spanning relationships that transform your culture.

Inclusion and belonging

Organizational agility

Talent mobility

Innovation and collaboration


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Example: A 500 Manager Coaching Network Over Three Years

80% of conversations lead to behavior change; 98% of actions taken increase employee fulfillment; 97% of people report building a meaningful relationship with their peer coach



Create an innovative and inclusive culture by building bridges across departments, locations, and demographics.



Provide critical support in the flow of work while developing the coaching skills managers need to lead their teams.



Empower managers to own their growth by selecting and completing imperative actions, while holding each other accountable.

“We heard feedback right away from multiple leaders that their team said this was the most valuable thing they did all quarter for their personal development. Not only that it was easy, but it was so energizing and motivating. That was pretty revolutionary for us—and we knew that we have to do more of that.”

Melissa Henderson, VP of HR

EVP of People and Culture, Accolade

Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.


All your managers are invited to join the Manager Peer Coaching Network. Every quarter they are matched with a new manager from another part of the organization for a series of guided & personalized conversations that provide the support and growth they need to thrive.


One hour


Every two weeks


Five per quarter

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Four partners per year

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“It was really helpful to have someone that’s at the same level going through similar career developments, challenges, and having those conversations on what we’re trying to do and bouncing it back and forth off each other. It made me realize I’m not alone.”

Manager, Engineering

Peer coaching addresses the top challenge of managers: social isolation.

Peer coaching enables managers to engage in consistent, positive, and vulnerable conversations—the three ingredients of meaningful connection. Research shows that these relationships are often even more important than the nature of the work itself in helping people feel job satisfaction.

Peer coaching addresses the psychological and emotional side of management.

Managers support each other in processing the emotional rollercoaster of people management, while normalizing their challenges and helping them remain positive and constructive.

“It allowed us to express how we feel about things. We were able to be frustrated together, and I think that’s valuable. I think sometimes we over-index towards action in work. And I think it’s just as important to know when not to take action, especially when it’s an emotional thing. Sometimes just naming it and sitting in it for a second, resolves it enough to let you move on.”

Manager, Sales

“Because my peer coach was another manager, I was able to share work experiences with someone who gets it, which was incredibly helpful. We never get the chance to reflect as managers. Peer coaching gave me the space to do that while also building a new trusted peer relationship in the organization.”

Manager, Operations

Peer coaching creates regular space for reflection.

In peer coaching conversations, managers are able to take a step back from their work to reflect on their experiences and challenges. Research has found that time spent reflecting leads to a 19% jump in someone’s likelihood to be a top performer.

Peer coaching develops management and leadership skills.

Peer coaching supports managers as they reinforce and apply basic functional management skills, create space to put their work in context, learn how to influence diverse stakeholders, and become leaders as they align their work and lives with their purpose.

“Now it’s not just the connection, but it’s also like tapping into all of her experience and expertise in different roles.”

Manager, Manufacturing