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Peer Coaching on Imperative

Put talent development and fulfillment in the right hands — your employees'.

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Employee Experience

With no training needed, your employees use Imperative’s peer coaching video platform to facilitate their conversations. It leaves them energized, meaningfully connected, and committed to action.

Until now, it's been virtually impossible to provide a customized solution for each employee, but that's exactly what the Imperative Platform enables you to do, at scale. Our platform is personalized and dynamic, so it’s always exactly what they need, at the exact right time.

Build Inclusion: Employees create trusted relationships across the organization, colleagues who deeply appreciate one another and what they can uniquely contribute.
Navigate Change: With new projects, promotions, changes in roles, your employees will have a peer to talk to and help them be strategic, thoughtful, and process stress.
Boost Wellbeing: Peers will help each other care for themselves and stay emotionally resilient.
Own Personal Growth: 80% or more of what we learn at work comes from our peers and studies show that social accountability is highly effective for driving actual behavior change.


The Imperative platform is personalized and dynamic, so it’s finally possible to provide a customized solution for each employee, at scale.

Through ongoing peer coaching conversations on Imperative, your managers are enabled to support each other as people leaders, giving them an ongoing space to process the needs of their team, learn from shared experiences, and show up authentically to inspire their teams. They’ll be able to do their best thinking while building effective and fulfilled teams.

Develop Authentic Leadership: They will be able to step back and talk to another manager about how they want to show up for their team.
Fast-Track Growth: By learning from the experiences from other managers, they will help each other identify and achieve the growth they want.
Build Healthy Teams: Managers can talk through challenges on their team with someone who understands and can help them find a path forward.

“Because my peer coach was another manager, I was able to share work experiences with someone that gets it, which was incredibly helpful. We never get the chance to reflect as managers. Peer coaching gave me the space to do that while also building a new trusted peer relationship in the organization.”

James, Manager, Financial Services Firm

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    Imperative builds deep relationships instantly across your organization. It creates true inclusion and social connection.

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