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The Foundation for People Strategy

Imperative is used by companies to support every step in the employee lifecycle.

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Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people's fulfillment.

Imperative combines AI technology and behavioral science to manage, scale, and measure peer coaching programs that address the needs for social connection and learning in the new world of work.

Leverage Imperative to Achieve Your Goals


Shared purpose bonds people from every background at a deeper level

Building the networks that are scientifically-proven to drive retention and advancement for diverse employees

Creating the strong bonds between people of all identities to embrace diversity in your culture

Strengthening employee resource groups and bridges between them

Talent Development & Mobility

Successful people invest time in building networks that create opportunity

Cultivating a growth mindset anchored in purpose and intrinsic motivation

Enabling people to explore different internal career paths and build allies across functions

Leadership Development

Coaching, networking, and purpose are the top skills of top leaders

Developing coaching coaching skills through direct practice

Unlocking the purpose of each leader and helping them own it


The average remote employee has half as many friends at work

Creating meaningful relationships for new people that accelerate belonging

Quickly connecting new people’s purpose to the organization’s and empowering them to own it


Cultural assimilation is the leading cause of mergers failing

Accelerating the integration of cultures by building bridges between people

Enabling people to manage change and find their path in the new combined organization


Peer coaching conversations increase positive emotions by 2.4X

Preventing burnout by creating the consistent, positive, and vulnerable relationships people need

Peers holding each other accountable for their self-care

“People think it has to be more complicated to work as well as this does. Peer coaching is so simple and just works.”

Kari Murphy, Director of Global Manufacturing, Boston Scientific

Simple ROI

Cut Costs, Improve Outcomes

At a fraction of the cost and with a single program, peer coaching produces results where legacy learning, wellbeing, and inclusion programs fall short.


Only 12% of learners say they apply the skills from the training they receive to their job. (24x7 Learning)


Employee surveys point to problems, not solutions, and they don’t empower employees to own their own success.


Mentoring can be effective for learning and inclusion, but the quality is very uneven, and it doesn't scale because the supply of good mentors never matches the demand.

Traditional Coaching

Coaching has proven to create sustained behavior change, self-awareness, and leadership capacity, but is too expensive for 90%+ of employees. (Korn Ferry) And, professional coaches are a short-term and one-way relationship with an outsider who doesn’t know your culture.

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