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Peer Coaching — A Simple, Effective Solution.

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Why Peer Coaching?

Your people have the answers—if you give them the space and support to work smarter and take ownership. Peer coaching matches peers for regular 1:1 guided conversations where they clarify their thinking, process their emotions, and hold each other accountable to be their best selves and produce their best work.

Peer coaching on Imperative creates the same benefits of traditional coaching while building important relationships and an inclusive coaching culture. And, it is 10% of the cost which means you can truly make coaching accessible to everyone.

“People think it has to be more complicated to work as well as this does. Peer coaching is so simple and just works.”

Kari Murphy, Director of Global Manufacturing, Boston Scientific

Simple ROI

Cut Costs, Improve Outcomes

At a fraction of the cost and with a single program, peer coaching produces results where legacy learning, wellbeing, and inclusion programs fall short.


Only 12% of learners say they apply the skills from the training they receive to their job. (24x7 Learning)


Employee surveys point to problems, not solutions, and they don’t empower employees to own their own success.


Mentoring can be effective for learning and inclusion, but the quality is very uneven, and it doesn't scale because the supply of good mentors never matches the demand.

Traditional Coaching

Coaching has proven to create sustained behavior change, self-awareness, and leadership capacity, but is too expensive for 90%+ of employees. (Korn Ferry) And, professional coaches are a short-term and one-way relationship with an outsider who doesn’t know your culture.

96% Of People Find Each Conversation Helpful or Better
diagram: 16% breakthrough, 56% very helpful, 24% helpful, 4% somewhat helpful, 0% not helpful
(Imperative users reporting on the value of their conversation.)

The Power of Peers

Peer coaching produces such impactful results because it provides psychological safety while giving your people a way to reflect and own their work experience, reducing the dependency on their manager to foster their fulfillment.

book "Making work more meaningful: building a fulfilling employee experience"


Imperative is the foremost expert on the science of purpose and fulfillment at work. The Imperative platform is designed based on decades of research on purpose, fulfillment, behavior change, relationship development, belonging, mindset, and accountability.

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Accountability and Action

Every conversation prompts each person to commit to an action that relates to the theme of the conversation, leading to intentional and meaningful action. At the start of the next conversation, they hold each other accountable for the action they committed to doing.

Imperative Creates a Culture Where People Care
diagram: 94% care about me, 92% champion my growth
(Imperative users reporting on their relationship with their peer coach.)

Builds Inclusivity

Each quarter, employees are matched with a new partner for five hours of peer coaching over three months. This leads to a new network of trusted peers across your organization, where they will build bridges and get to know people they never would have otherwise. Your people can boost their EQ (emotional intelligence) and begin to truly connect with their colleagues.