Improve New Hire Experience

One of the biggest problems new hires face is building new relationships in hybrid and distributed work. Imperative solves that.

Imperative builds connection for new employees in distributed workplaces through high-impact conversations & relationships — the kind that used to only be possible when face-to-face.

Employee Retention
Increased Employee Retention

Strong relationships from day one create sustained ties to the organization

Employee Retention
Accelerated Time to New Hire Impact

With the right connections, new hires acclimate quickly to their role

Higher Engagement & Productivity
Higher Engagement & Productivity

High-impact conversations scientifically designed to increase trust and drive action

Employee Experience
Insights Into New Employee Experience

Access real-time, actionable data and insights into your new hires’ experience

Leading Employers Use Imperative to Retain New Employees

Boston Scientific

Increase New Hire Retention Through Intentional Connection

Employees engage in powerful conversations that build connection to each other, their teams, and the organization. For leaders, Imperative provides unprecedented insight into the state of new hire relationships within their function and across the organization. 

Purpose Discovery
Personal Purpose Discovery

Provide new employees with insights into their intrinsic motivation and how they can apply it to their jobs, increasing their engagement and impact

Purpose Discovery
Dynamic Conversations

Guided and personalized structure accelerates trust and builds rapport through shared experiences and challenges

Smart Matches
Smart Matches

Pair new hires with the right colleagues based on program format, organizational goals and shared purpose indicators

Trusted Network Creation
Trusted Network Creation

Create networks across relevant parts of the organization proven to increase new hire retention

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“It was very helpful to voice my ideas to someone else new to the company, who could understand my situation. Through talking with her, I realized some tangible ways to improve my relationships and, consequently, my growth and impact at ICF.”
New ICF Employee

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  • Create meaningful connections across functions
  • Increase belonging & reduce turnover
  • Improve collaboration & efficiency
  • Build high-performing teams