Helping Employees Help Each Other

90% of your employees are willing to serve as peer coaches. Imperative makes it possible.

Peer Coaching with Imperative is scalable, accessible, and customizable.

It is designed with your enterprise needs in mind.

Peer Coaching is a process of reflection between colleagues. It is what neuroscience and positive psychology show as the most effective way to create sustained behavior change.

Peer Learning develops self-awareness by connecting change to past and present behavior as well as to personal identity. It integrates learning in the flow of work where insights are most accurate and actionable.

Through this process our colleagues become advocates and inspire us to show up as our best-selves.

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Why Peer Coaching?

Imperative's Peer Coaching Platform Has the Features Enterprise Organizations Need

  • Purpose Profile
  • Conversation Catalog
  • Peer-Matching
  • Video Conversation
  • Coaching Prompts
  • Outcome Measurement
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Activate Peer Coaching

Cultural Transformation

How Imperative Works

Purpose Profile

Each employee creates a purpose profile that defines their intrinsic motivations and who they are at their best.

Peer Conversations

The platform supports scheduling and allows participants to hold video conversations. In the conversation, peers are guided through curated conversations based on coaching best practices and positive psychology.

Learn about our conversation catalog here.

Key Outcomes

Imperative measures key outcomes to help fully articulate the impact of peer coaching in your organization.

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