The Peer Coaching Platform for Leaders

Empower your leaders and managers to lead virtual teams, care for their people, and be resilient in the face of constant change.

The Leadership Platform for The New World of Work

The science-backed platform combines the effectiveness of coaching with the impact of building informal internal networks that are proven to build resilient and high performing cultures.

Coaching for Every Leader

Leaders engage in regular coaching with other leaders, gaining the benefits of coaching while practicing coaching skills.

Build Internal Networks

With each coaching partner, leaders build deep relationships with peers across the company, enabling healthy peer networks and supportive cultures.

Capture Critical Insights

As your leaders engage in peer coaching, their behavior change, growth, and fulfillment is tracked over time. This enables you to measure the ROI and generate insights about organizational behavior and culture gaps.

People-First Companies Are Turning to Imperative

What Leaders Are Saying About Peer Coaching

Emani shares why peer coaching is critical to develop and support leaders today.

How Peer Coaching Works

Through our video-based coaching platform, leaders meet in rotating pairs for scripted peer-to-peer coaching conversations that are dynamically designed to adapt as their needs change.

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We want to support your managers and leaders as they adjust to the disruption and anxiety produced by the global pandemic. We have adjusted our processes so you can now have peer coaching launched in your company in under a week.