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Peer coaching - a simple solution to the increasingly complex workplace.

People-First Companies Are Turning to Imperative

Through Imperative’s video-based coaching platform, peers from within your organization meet in rotating pairs for guided peer-to-peer coaching conversations.

One hour

Every two weeks

Five per quarter

Four partners per year

A Simple Solution

40% of the time employees spend working is unproductive (Microsoft survey) and two thirds of us are unfulfilled at work (Workforce Purpose Index, 2019)  which by extension means we’re unfulfilled in our lives.
The solution is simple: working smarter, together through peer coaching.  

Imperative dynamically matches your employees with a series of internal peers. Through guided conversations on our video-enabled platform, your people can start organizing their thinking and understand their own intrinsic motivation, resulting in:

  • Increased fulfillment and productivity
  • Ownership of growth
  • Network of meaningful, trusted relationships

“Days just fly by and I am not even sure if I made an impact. The peer coaching conversations have helped me make sure I am focused on what really matters.”

Ronaldo, Manager, Consulting Firm

Increased Fulfillment & Productivity

Through regular peer coaching conversations on Imperative, your people will have the support, space, and time to reflect on their work, leading them to uncover better solutions, organize their thinking and ultimately increase their fulfillment and productivity.

On Imperative, 80% of actions pledged to their peer are completed. 98% of the time, those actions lead to a direct impact on their fulfillment and productivity.

Ownership of Growth

Each person brings a unique set of skills and motivators to your team. People managers have told us that their top pain point is understanding how to meet each individual's needs. Imperative’s solution leverages technology to scale individualized growth:

  • Creating a safe space for meaningful conversation and reflection
  • Guiding them through conversations that help them organize their thinking and process what they need
  • Users pledge actions to their peer coach, which leads to ownership of their growth and the built-in support to be held accountable to it

Network of Meaningful Relationships

We are increasingly isolated at work and need meaningful relationships to thrive. Without them, we quickly burnout and become unfulfilled. Transactional and “how was your weekend?” interactions do not build trusted relationships.

Imperative's ongoing, guided conversations surface dynamic content based on each person's motivators, ensuring a conversation built on authenticity, shared work experiences, and built-in accountability, ensuring each of your employees have an equal opportunity in an increasingly complex workplace to build a network of trusted peers.

97% of people report having built a meaningful relationship with each of their peer coaches.

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