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Build Connection,
Ignite Teamwork.

Imperative creates employee connection across your hybrid workforce.

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What We Do

Imperative helps hybrid organizations build employee connection through high-impact conversations & relationships—the kind that used to only be possible when face-to-face.

Build Employee Connection Within & Across Functions

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Reduce Employee Turnover

Strengthen relationships, expand networks & deepen sense of belonging

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Improve Collaboration

Drive high-impact conversations that solve problems & inspire innovation

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Break Down Silos

Expand & improve key working relationships across departments

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Strengthen Culture

Increase employee motivation, productivity & creativity

Use Imperative to build connection and teamwork for all your employees, including:

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Hybrid & Remote Teams

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Early Career Employees

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New Hires

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Leaders & Managers

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Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

How Imperative's Platform Builds Trusted Relationships

Why Employee Connection Matters

Strong Employee Relationships

Engaged Workforce

High-Impact Collaboration

Agility & Performance

High-Impact Employee Connection is Easy With Imperative

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Create Meaningful Connections

Guided conversations accelerate trust, create space for reflection, and drive productive action.

How It Works
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Break Down Company-Wide Silos

The highest performing teams and companies don’t operate in silos. They cross boundaries to gain different perspectives and uncover opportunities.

How It Works

Boost Employee Engagement and Morale

Conversations on the Imperative platform connect employees to work through challenges and problem solve together – creating space to reflect and tap into their personal motivators.

How It Works

What Our Customers Say

Strengthens Teams & Busts Silos

“Imperative’s platform has helped our employees build their communication skills and build their internal networks, breaking down silos within the company.”

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Director of L&D,
Service Express

Gives Space to Build Connections

"Creating space to build connections is more important today than it’s ever been before. Without it, I don’t see us getting from point A to point B from a growth perspective if we don't make this a priority."

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Chief Human
Resources Officer, ICF

Successfully Builds Meaningful Relationships

“It’s simple, clear, and builds connections, putting development back in the hands of employees. Imperative helps people become comfortable having discussions about themselves and getting curious about someone else.”

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HR Director of Global Manufacturing,
Boston Scientific

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