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What is Imperative?

Imperative is the personality test that helps you understand how to get the most out of your work. Your results will help you decide what you should focus on in order to be your best self at work and in your community.

How Does it Work?

A combination of academic research and professional career coaching is behind our purpose assessment tool. It will define your Purpose Type, or work personality, and your Purpose Drivers, or the elements that define your ideal workplace.

Your Results

Your results are a powerful asset for you to refer to in times of transition and uncertainty at work. They will remind you what really matters to you.

Stories from the Community

Lauren Zahringer


“My Purpose Type became the compass I used to navigate through opportunities, make informed decisions and translate my passions into actions.”

The Level


Jessica Harris


“Imperative is the transition from doing what I think I'm supposed to do, to finding what I'm meant to do. I'm more fulfilled because my core values and talent drive the next steps I take in my career.”

The Enthusiast


Samuel Chen


“Imperative helped me find more purpose in my work — I zeroed in on where and how my work can be the most impactful for organizations and reshaped my job description to get there!"

The Cultivator