Help Your People Managers Thrive

Imperative Helps Managers Be Amazing People Leaders

Purpose Insights Profile 

Our proven science-based assessment identifies each manager’s leadership approach and superpowers providing them the keys to unlock performance

Manager Peer Coaching

Imperative offers dozens of guided conversations built specifically for manager-manager coaching, helping organizations quickly build strong support networks for manager development

Guided Manager-Direct Conversations

Enable managers of all skill levels to have high-impact development and coaching conversations with their employees

Listening System for Leaders

Provides leaders powerful insights into manager engagement and effectiveness through conversation-level analytics

Imperative Software

The Imperative Platform

Imperative is a video-based employee engagement platform that helps organizations strengthen employee connection to the organization, their work, and each other. 

Managers leverage Imperative to connect with peers for coaching and to provide coaching to their employees 

Transforming Employee Management at Innovative Enterprise Organizations
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Make Every Manager an Effective People Manager

  • Leadership approach assessment
  • Guided manager-direct conversations
  • Manager peer coaching
  • Coaching impact analytics