Activate Employee Purpose to Ignite Engagement

Imperative Activates Employee Purpose at Scale

Individualized Purpose Profiles 

Our proven science-based assessment pinpoints each employee’s purpose drivers, unlocking insights and tips on maximizing performance

Purpose Activation Coaching

Connect employees with peers, mentors and managers for guided conversations on relevant topics that foster shared purpose across the organization.

Measure Organizational Impact

When employees activate their purpose drivers, visible changes occur to engagement, collaboration and problem solving. Measure what matters to you with Imperative.

Imperative Software

The Imperative Platform

Imperative is a video-based employee engagement platform that helps organizations strengthen employee connection to the organization, their work, and each other. 

Purpose activation helps employees understand what motivates and drives them at work—leading to higher performing, more collaborative organizations.  

For leaders, Imperative measures the impact purpose activation is having on your organization. 

Igniting Employee Purpose at Innovative Enterprise Organizations
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Unlock the Power of Purposeful Engagement

  • Exclusive employee purpose assessment
  • Individualized report per employee
  • Guided purpose activation conversations
  • Impact metrics and analytics