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Transforming Employee Experience

The science-based approach to building connection in hybrid and remote workplaces.

Hybrid work requires new ways to connect employees and build strong teams.

Connection is one of the biggest challenges in remote and hybrid work. The Imperative platform creates meaningful connection across your company through science-based conversations designed to have immediate impact.

Imperative App Connection

AI-Based Matching

Connect the Right People

We combine predictive organizational network analytics with our proprietary purpose and fulfillment profiling data to create powerful matches at the touch of a button.

Smart Conversations

Accelerate Trust & Impact

Peer-coaching style conversations enable employees to rapidly problem-solve and ideate.

Imperative App Connection
Activate Employee Purpose

Purpose Profile

Activate Employee Purpose

Incorporated into each conversation are unique insights about how they work best and ways they can apply it in their daily work.

Actionable Analytics

Capture Valuable Insights

Get visibility into the connections being built across your company with added insights into impact and results.

Dashboard and Analytics

How It Works


Purpose Profile

Each person creates a profile that is designed to uncover unique insights about how they work best



Peers inside your company are matched based on several layers of data to ensure high impact connections that bust silos or strengthen teams



Through a series of 3 to 5 dynamic conversations, employees are enabled to build trust, create new connections and problem-solve together


Ongoing Connections

After a set of conversations, they will be matched with a new peer to further build a culture of belonging, bust silos and increase employee engagement

The Imperative Proof


of conversations are rated as very helpful or breakthrough


of employees say these conversations positively impacted their success

Enterprise Ready Technology

Imperative is built to enterprise standards for privacy and security so you and your people always know they are safe.

SOC2 Compliant
EU Privacy Shield
GDPR Compliant

Learn How Imperative Can Help

  • Create meaningful connections across functions
  • Increase belonging & reduce turnover
  • Improve collaboration & efficiency
  • Build high-performing teams