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Personalized Employee Engagement Made Easy

Engagement surveys listen—Imperative drives action at scale. Through personalized guided conversations, Imperative activates employees in the strategic initiatives you care about: from performance to change to culture.  

AI-Enabled, Guided Conversations

Leveraging generative AI, Imperative dynamically constructs conversations that are highly engaging and aligned to your organization’s focuses.

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Personalized To Each Employee

At the heart of Imperative is making work feel personal. We start with our proprietary purpose assessment that uncovers how each employee approaches work and use it to personalize conversations.

Configurable to Your Needs

Imperative provides everything you need to get started quickly while being able to tailor fit conversations and personalize actions based on your audience and program goals. Easy and configurable – that’s Imperative!

Measure Impact

Actionable Analytics

Measure engagement specific to your initiatives. See how behavior changes, what actions are taken and how employee sentiment shifts over the course of your program.

The Impact of Activating with Imperative


of conversations are rated as very helpful or breakthrough


of employees say these conversations positively impacted their success

Enterprise Ready Technology

Imperative is built to enterprise standards for privacy and security so you and your people always know they are safe.

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