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Lack of connection among employees is a key challenge in hybrid work. A common misconception is that simply providing employees with ways to interact with each other will solve this—yet research shows even with collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack, employees are still reporting record levels of disconnection and reduced satisfaction at work.

Interaction Is Not Connection

Actually solving the problem of disconnection requires going beyond transactional interactions and instead, creating meaningful connection across your company in an ongoing and scalable way.

Why Imperative

Key Barrier to Relationships Today

65% of people feel that they lack the space to have meaningful connection at work.

Employee Connection That Works

After 75,000+ hours of conversations on the Imperative platform, we have clear results:


of conversations are rated as very helpful or breakthrough


of employees say they’ve made a meaningful connection

What Makes Imperative Work

Software Proven to Build Connection

The Imperative Platform enables any organization to quickly and easily scale connection across all their employees. Our intelligent matching, structured conversations, and actionable insights support individual and organizational success.

Why Imperative Platform
Research Partners
Imperative Research Partners

Science-Based Approach

Our work is based on the latest neuroscience of relationships and psychological safety. With nearly a decade of original research with partners like PwC, LinkedIn and NYU plus over 75,000+ hours of employee’s conversations, we understand what it takes to create a connected workplace.

Knowledgeable Partners

At Imperative, we take the guesswork and stress out of connection (for your employees and your program leaders). We bring our extensive knowledge and best practices to every client interaction, focused on adding value and sharing our expertise at every step in the process.


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Learn How Imperative Builds Relationships for Remote Work

  • Create meaningful connections across functions
  • Increase belonging & reduce turnover
  • Improve collaboration & efficiency
  • Build high-performing teams