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Work Isn’t Working

The data is clear: the old model of work is broken and it is hurting people, organizations, and society. We have designed a simple solution that addresses the core issue—reconnecting people to support each other's growth and success.



A world connected by our shared purpose and desire to have fulfilling lives.

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From Social Media to True Social Connection


Building Consistent, Positive, and Vulnerable Relationships

Imperative and social media are at opposite ends of a continuum. Social media has monetized having people consume disinformation and by creating community around a sense of purpose - a purpose that too often creates a “us vs them” mindset. They use dopamine hits to addict us to their products to push advertising.

We are using the same science. But, we are looking to use what we know about psychology and neuroscience to restore and expand human connection. How do we build actual, meaningful connections between people? How do we help people see past the superficial, and see each other as human beings? How do we use purpose to inspire the best in all of us? How do we start to sew back together civil society?

We have created a peer coaching platform that enables a company to match their people for psychologically designed, ongoing conversations that help them build empathy, connection and trust with their colleagues. It gives them space to reflect and take ownership of their work, bring their values forward, and bring courage and intentionality to what they’re doing.

Our goal is to scale Imperative to have millions of meaningful conversations happening every day - around the world. Join us in building this movement to reconnect, build empathy, diversify our friendships, and help everyone realize their potential.

Purpose Will Reconnect Us

Aaron Hurst founded Imperative to address one of the greatest existential threats to society - our growing division and lack of empathy.

In 2014, Aaron brought global awareness to the rise of the fourth economic era in history, the Purpose Economy. Previously, as the founder of the Taproot Foundation, Aaron catalyzed the $15 billion pro bono service market, connecting nonprofit and business professionals through purpose. His first venture was a program he created as a student at the University of Michigan, taking his peers to local prisons to teach creative writing. Aaron has written for or been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, Fast Company, MIT Sloan Management Review and was named a LinkedIn Influencer.

Aaron follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Joe Slater, a pioneer in the field - conceiving of the Peace Corps for JFK and building the Aspen Institute. His wife, Kara, the Global Head of Sustainability at Amazon, works on the other existential threat to society - climate change.

The Leader In Peer Coaching

Imperative is the enterprise peer coaching platform that combines AI technology and behavioral science to manage, scale, and measure peer coaching programs that address the needs for social connection and learning in the new world of work. Imperative is powered by its employee purpose profiling technology that enables the platform to accelerate trust between employees and enable everyone to serve as a coach for each other - reducing turnover by 35%. Since its launch in 2020, large and quickly growing companies like Microsoft, Hasbro, Accolade, GSK, Boston Scientific, Airbnb, and Zillow have adopted the platform to break down barriers within their organizations and empower their employees to align their purpose with their daily work. Imperative is a B Corporation founded by workplace entrepreneur Aaron Hurst and funded by Voyager Capital and Court Lorenzini, founding CEO of DocuSign.

We believe that within five years, every company will require technology to enable enterprise-wide peer coaching networks that uniquely address the growing need for well-being, connection, and career pathing.

Meet the Imperative Team

Our team’s experience ranges from enterprise-level tech companies to scrappy start-ups. Now, we’re all here for the same reason: to change the future of work.

aaron hurst
Aaron Hurst

Aaron’s purpose is to awaken lions so that they can care for their pride.

Aaron Hurst
Aaron Hurst

Aaron’s purpose is to awaken lions so that they can care for their pride.

Nicole Resch
Nicole Resch

Nicole’s purpose is to neutralize the birth lottery so that everyone has access to the golden ticket.

Courtney Deimel
Courtney Deimel
VP People & Product Experience

Courtney’s purpose is to reach new horizons by empowering people to live on the edge of possibility.

J.R. Jesson
J.R. Jesson

JR's purpose is to enable groups to overcome social barriers by coming together.

travis mears
Travis Mears (he/him)
Director of Accounts & Client Success

Travis' purpose is to thaw the freeze of injustice, unleashing the boldness in every community.

emma powers
Emma Powers
Director of Marketing

Emma’s purpose is to conduct the symphony within organizations enabling all instruments to play in harmony.

raine lightner
Raine Lightner
Director of Engineering

Raine's purpose is to help people overcome societal barriers by providing tools and support.

matthew keslin
Matthew Keslin
Senior Software Engineer

Matthew's purpose is to enable everyone to overcome barriers by finding answers and increasing their knowledge.

eric mowery
Eric Mowery
Quality And Release Engineer

Eric's purpose is to help people overcome societal barriers by creating remarkable environments and experiences.

connor peavey
Connor Peavey
Senior Software Engineer

Connor's purpose is to enable groups to overcome social barriers by finding answers and increasing their knowledge.

Mattie Quigley
Mattie Quigley
Business Operations Manager

Mattie's purpose is to help everyone overcome barriers by providing tools and support.

Tony Hatch
Tony Hatch
Sr. Software Engineer

Tony's purpose is to enable everyone to overcome barriers by coming together.

Nate Oelrich
Nate Oelrich
Sr. Software Engineer

Nate's purpose is to help people overcome societal barriers by creating remarkable environments and experiences.

rowan case
Rowan Case

Rowan's purpose is to enable people from all walks of life to overcome social barriers by coming together with empathy and intention.

Colin Koach
Colin Koach

Colin's purpose is to help people elevate their game by coming together.

caroline muhlfeld
Caroline Muhlfeld

Caroline's purpose is to help groups elevate their game by providing tools and support.

Erika Bourne
Erika Bourne
Enterprise Account Manager

Erika's purpose is to help people overcome societal barriers by creating remarkable environments and experiences.

Morgan Joseph
Morgan Joseph
Director of product marketing

Morgans’s purpose is to help everyone to overcome barriers by creating remarkable environments and experiences.

Emma Petrin
Emma Petrin
Marketing coordinator

Emma’s purpose is to enable everyoneto overcome barriers by finding answers and increasing their knowledge.

hyewon abe
Hyewon Abe

Hyewon’s purpose is to empower groups to collectively eliminate any social barriers that prevent progress and achievement.

alissa strong
Alissa Strong
People & Operations Specialist; Certified Coach (ACC)

Alissa’s purpose is to empower others to live a healthy and vibrant life where they feel free.

jessica graham
Jessica Graham
Sales Development Representative

Jessica’s purpose is to create remarkable environments and experiences to empower individuals to show up as their authentic selves.

jacek glodek
Jacek Głodek
Technical Advisor

Jacek's purpose is to empower teams to grow their competencies by introducing them to real world stressors and supporting them with access to best practices and effective coaching schemes.

agata debska
Agata Dębska
pawel kiersznowski
Paweł Kiersznowski
Backend developer

The Purpose Economy

Written by Aaron Hurst

The Purpose Economy, written by Imperative co-founder and CEO Aaron Hurst, catalyzed the purpose revolution. With his prediction that purpose was the next major economic era, many are now racing to find answers and direction toward discovering their personal, professional, and organizational purpose. Leaders from around the world have embraced Hurst’s work and have asked for more.

Board of Directors

Aaron Hurst (Chair)

CEO & Co-Founder

Diane Fraiman

Managing Director
Voyager Capital

Court Lorenzini

Co-Founder and Former CEO, DocuSign

Jeff Sugerman