Our Imperative

To transform work by empowering everyone to work with purpose.

The Millennial generation (and everyone else) is demanding a more meaningful work experience and a new way to approach work. Recently there've been breakthroughs in the research on what drives purpose for human beings.

Imperative is leading the way in bringing the science of purpose to life in workplaces and online. We’ve combined academic research with career coaching expertise to build our patent pending purpose assessment tool. We are now building a variety of tools facilitated by technology to help you discover and live purpose at work and in your community.

The future of work is purpose. Imperative's vision is to catalyze an entire generation around it.

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Purpose is The Future

Purpose is driving innovation and radically reshaping careers and organizations.
The Purpose Economy is the road map to create that future today.

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Our Purpose

Our Team

Aaron Hurst

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron's imperative is to create communities that are empowered to realize their potential.

Arthur Woods

Chief Operating Officer

Arthur's imperative is to help people achieve their greatest potential by bringing them together and engaging them with new tools and resources.

Adam Pearce

Community Engagement

Adam's imperative is to reshape societies to create more healing and wholeness by making sure the systems they inhabit work beautifully.

Tatiana Figueiredo

Director of Business Development

Tatiana's imperative is to impact change by facilitating authentic human connection.

Jenny Clevidence

Coach in Residence

Jenny's imperative is to work with individuals and organizations to create more purposeful and conscious ways of working and living by engaging their inner wisdom and business savvy to create change.

Dar Vanderbeck

Community Organizer in Residence

Dar's imperative is to shape inclusive & vibrant societies by providing communities with the tools, avenues and support for transformative action.

Scot Dalton

Full Stack Developer

Scot's imperative is to work with individuals, teams and institutions to empower them to excel by creating tools that allow them realize their potential.

Addie Asbridge


Addie's imperative is to help individuals overcome personal and societal barriers by offering new perspectives and ideas.

Amber Pak

Marketing and Events

Amber's imperative is to work directly with individuals to enable them to elevate their game by creating their environments and experiences.


Genius Extraordinaire

Imperative is seeking purpose-driven professionals for our expanding team.

  • Do you view work as fundamentally being about adding value in the world?
  • If you won the lottery would you still work?
  • Are many of your friends colleagues from current or previous jobs?
  • Do you bring your full self to work everyday?
  • Do you see work and life as things to integrate not balance?

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