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No Training Required

Imperative’s guided, science-backed conversations provide the right questions at the right time, enabling virtually anyone to be an effective mentor without any prep—tackling mentor shortage head-on.

Personalized Conversations At Scale

Imperative’s proprietary purpose assessment uncovers how each employee approaches work, enabling our platform to personalize the mentoring experience for every employee—with no additional work for the mentor or program leader.

High Value Mentoring Metrics

Our software serves up actionable data and insightful metrics about your mentoring program, giving you the visibility you need to understand program success and impact.

Imperative Software

The Imperative Platform

Imperative is a video-based employee engagement platform designed to enable personalized, prep-free development conversations across your organization. With Imperative, anyone can be a powerful mentor by using our guided conversations that are engineered to be easy, effective and enjoyable for all employees.

For leaders, Imperative provides unprecedented insight into the state of mentor and mentee experience, program success and collective impact.

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