Energize Your Employee Experience

  • Improve Employee Experience
  • Easily Personalize & Scale Engagement 
  • Activate on Organizational Goals
  • Create an Effective Experience Strategy

Ready to Boost Employee Satisfaction?

Software To Scale Employee Engagement & Impact 

Imperative’s employee engagement software connects employees for guided meaningful conversations that enrich the employee experience and increase thriving.

AI-enabled conversations that build employee connection

Science-backed platform engineered to uncover & activate personal purpose

Personalized & customized approach helps employees align purpose with work

Real-time analytics equip leaders with powerful insights

Transforming Employee Engagement at Innovative Enterprise Organizations

Boston Scientific

Science-Backed Employee Engagement

Build Workplace Connection

Imperative connects employees for 1:1 conversations that inspire motivation and meaning. Create cross-functional connections, bust silos, & activate on business outcomes.

Make It Easy to Engage

Our platform provides a guided and personalized experience to each employee—making it easy for employees to have high impact conversations.

Motivate Employee Action

We scale the real work behind engagement, by translating ideas into actual behavior change. Empower employees with the tools to own their engagement.

“This platform has been the most
valuable initiative I’ve ever launched.”


Britt Provost Chief Human Resource Officer