Mentoring That Manages Itself

  • Unlock Mentorship at Scale
  • Easily Grow Your Mentor Pool
  • Enable Conversations that Employees Love
  • Achieve Simple Mentor-Mentee Matching

Ready for Mentoring Without the Headache?

The Imperative platform makes it easy to launch, scale and maintain high-value mentoring experiences. Our guided conversations remove the need for in-depth training and prep, taking the stress out of mentoring for both employees and program leaders.

Easily scale quality conversations through our guided and personalized mentoring platform

Increase mentor pool by eliminating the key barrier to sign-ups: training and prep

Reduce administration lift with a platform that makes mentor matching & facilitation simple

Improve mentor & mentee experience with science-backed conversations employees love

Transforming Employee Mentoring at Innovative Enterprise Organizations

Boston Scientific

Science-Backed Employee Mentoring Conversations

Easy to Match & Scale

Imperative’s platform provides a personalized matching process, automating an amazing experience and reducing admin effort.

No Training Required

Our guided, science-backed conversations provide the right questions at the right time, enabling people to be effective mentors without the prep – tackling your mentor shortage head-on.

High Value Mentoring Metrics

Our software serves up actionable data and insightful metrics about your mentoring program, giving better than ever visibility into program strategy, success and impact.

“This platform has been the most
valuable initiative I’ve ever launched.”


Britt Provost Chief Human Resource Officer