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The most effective employee engagement happens when people connect what drives them at work to their own roles. The Imperative platform makes that possible—at scale.

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At Imperative, we refer to what drives you at work as your purpose. Our proprietary Purpose Assessment is scientifically designed to uncover powerful insights, while our conversation platform intelligently surfaces the right personalized content at the right time.

Take our Purpose Assessment for free and learn about:

  • Your intrinsic motivations
  • Your workplace super powers
  • Your potential blind spots
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Leading Organizations Use Purpose To Unlock Engagement

Boston Scientific

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“This platform has been the most
valuable initiative I’ve ever launched.”


Britt Provost, Chief Human Resource Officer

Free Purpose Assessment

Imperative’s Purpose Assessment will give you a taste of the relevant, work-oriented insights your employees can get immediate value from.

  • Your intrinsic motivations
  • Your workplace superpowers
  • Your potential blind spots

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