Our Purpose is to Empower Everyone to
Make their Work More Meaningful 

We Built a Platform for the New Economy

2 in 3 People are Unfulfilled at Work

We are leading the global research and innovation to ensure that by 2030 the majority of the workforce is fulfilled.

The Imperative Story

As the foremost experts on the science of purpose at work, we built Imperative based on the latest neuroscience, habit formation research, technology, and our proprietary research on the drivers of purpose and fulfillment in our careers and lives.

Imperative’s co-founder and CEO, Aaron Hurst, brought global awareness to the rise of the fourth economic era in history: the Purpose Economy.

Aaron first encountered the power of purpose as founder of the Taproot Foundation, a global organization connecting nonprofits with skilled volunteers through pro bono service. When thousands of pro bono professionals told him “I find pro bono work so much more rewarding than a paycheck job,” Aaron wondered if there was a way to make all work as meaningful as pro bono work.

He co-created Imperative as a means of realizing this dream – first by connecting people to purpose through a psychology-backed purpose assessment, then by activating purpose and fulfillment at scale through the first peer coaching-based social learning platform.

Imperative is a new kind of talent development platform – activating employee fulfillment and driving retention through the transformative power of purpose.

Meet the Imperative Team

Aaron Hurst
Aaron’s purpose is to awaken lions so
that they can care for their pride.
Todd Carman
Launch manager
Todd’s purpose is to map the trail for today’s pioneers.
Lara Dalch
Director of Learning Content
Courtney Deimel
VP of People & Operations
Courtney’s purpose is to reach new horizons by empowering people to live on the edge of possibility.
Jacek Głodek
Head of Engineering
Jacek's purpose is to empower teams to grow their competencies by introducing them to real world stressors and supporting them with access to best practices and effective coaching schemes.
Ben Izzard
Ben’s purpose is to help those who are prone to wander find their path of fulfillment.
Travis Mears
Director of enterprise purpose strategy
Travis' purpose is to thaw the freeze of injustice, unleashing the boldness in every community.
John Muntrim
Head of Engineering Quality
John’s purpose is to transform organizations by forming structure from chaos.
Brandon Peele
Market Evangelist
Brandon's imperative is to activate purpose in service of a flourishing economy and society.
Mary Pemberton
BUSINESS development manager
Mary's purpose is to draw people towards the fire within.
Erin Reiner
Erin’s purpose is to clear the clouds
so we can see the stars.
Nicole Resch
Nicole’s purpose is to neutralize the birth lottery so that everyone has access to the golden ticket.
Molly Williams
My purpose it to give everyone access to knowledge.
Jonatan Borkowski
Backend developer
Przemysław Cuper
frontend developer
Agata Dębska
Krzysztof Palcowski
backend developer
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The Purpose Economy

Written by Aaron Hurst

The Purpose Economy, written by Imperative co-founder and CEO Aaron Hurst, catalyzed the purpose revolution. With his prediction that purpose was the next major economic era, many are now racing to find answers and direction toward discovering their personal, professional, and organizational purpose. Leaders from around the world have embraced Hurst’s work and have asked for more.

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Board of Directors

Meet The Imperative Board of Directors
Aaron Hurst (Chair)

CEO & Co-Founder

Paul Grossinger


Jennifer Benz

Founder and CEO,
Benz Communication

Kathy Chiu

Managing Partner,
FAN Fund

Jeff Sugarman


Matt Sonefeldt

Former VP of Investor Relations, 

Elaine Mason

Vice President
People, Planning and Analytics Cisco