Can We Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work?


November 17, 2021

To thrive in today’s modern workplace, every single person at your organization needs to grow their “soft skills,” skills that can only be honed through practice and experimentation.  Before we get caught up on the fact that the term “soft skills” doesn’t remotely do this set of skills justice, take a minute and think about the current way learning typically happens in most workplaces: programs and classes.

As remote and hybrid work continues for the foreseeable future, even scaling these types of programs is challenging, not to mention the holy grail concept of “in the flow” learning.

So let’s talk: why is experiential learning so impactful and how can you do more of it at any organization?

TL;DR On Experiential Learning

For decades, learning and development professionals have known that experiential and relational learning is more effective for learning soft skills than classroom or online learning. These types of learning take an idea out of the abstract and use it in the real world— the start of behavioral change.

This type of learning is particularly valuable for growing “soft skills” such as communication and listening, team building, time management, effective influence, creative thinking, and problem solving. These skills require practice, experimentation, reflection and refinement. In short, they need to be learned and applied in the flow of work to become fully acquired skills.

How Does it Work?

Based on years of research and expertise, Imperative matches peers across a company for regular guided coaching conversations.

Every two weeks, peers are guided through a personalized conversation that is scientifically engineered to be psychologically safe, positive, reflective, and energizing. These conversations enable employees to grow their soft skills in the flow of work through practice and reflection.

During each conversation, each peer commits to one action they want to complete before they meet next, driving behavior change through commitment and accountability.  Every quarter, they’re matched with a new peer, building a boundary-spanning network.

Does it *Actually Work?

Our trailblazing clients like Zillow, Hasbro, and Boston Scientific have seen these results across their organization by using the Imperative Platform:

  • Deeper Connections—89% of connections created build a meaningful and sustained relationship
  • Personal Growth—78% of employees report peer coaching made them more successful
  • Holistic Wellbeing—Employees leave each conversation with 2.4X more positive emotions

“To me the deepest value of this program, in addition to purpose-driven strategy and cultural change, is that sense of awareness and importance of self-awareness.

Sometimes in life that is the one thing that allows you to grow and change. If you can be self-aware and understand, you can adapt and change.  Peer coaching is very the essence of that.”

Peer Coach, Sr. Manager, Tech

Our mission at Imperative is to humanize work and make work more fulfilling for every person.  Let’s chat about how we can bring this to life for your company:

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