The New EVP: Human-Centered Approach


October 6, 2021

Over the past year, companies have increased their investment in employee experience benefits, and yet according to Gartner Benchmarking Survey, only 31 percent of human resource managers believe their current workforce is satisfied with the perks they get from work.  Gartner’s research found that the companies must reinvent their EVP (employee value proposition) to shift from being about features and benefits to covering the social and emotional needs of employees.  

“Traditionally, organizations focus on employees as workers when they define their EVP,” said Carolina Valencia, vice president in the Gartner HR practice. “Instead, employers need to see their employees as people first and foremost. Our research shows that 82% of employees say it’s important for their organization to see them as a person, not just an employee, yet only 45% of employees believe their organization actually sees them this way.”

Elements of the New EVP

Gartner has found that when an organization’s EVP is focused on meeting the social and emotional needs of their employees, employee satisfaction with the EVP increases by 15%. When companies move in this direction, this leads to increased intent to stay, employee wellness and likelihood of recommending the organization to others.

The five key components of the new EVP:

      1.  Deeper Connection – “I feel understood”

      2. Radical Flexibility  – “I feel autonomous”

      3. Personal Growth – “I feel valued”

      4. Holistic Well-Being –  “I feel cared for”

      5. Shared Purpose –  “I feel invested” 

 What Works to Deliver This New EVP?

As companies shift from delivering the old version of EVP which was focused on new features and benefits, they’re looking for a holistic approach to meeting these social and emotional needs that’s scalable and easy to launch. Imperative’s peer coaching platform matches peers across a company for regular guided coaching conversations which help align their work with what fulfills them.

The Imperative platform is an innovative way to deliver against all five of these key components:  

      1.  Deeper Connection with Employees

Employees are matched across the organization, breaking down silos and building bridges with people they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet. On the Imperative platform, 89% of peer coaches report making a meaningful relationship that they plan to sustain.

      2.  Radical Flexibility

Within each coaching conversation, employees choose an action they will complete that aligns their job to what provides them meaning and fulfillment. It allows people to prioritize, organize their thinking and focus on the aspect of their job that brings them the most energy. 80% of employees complete their action after each conversation, building ownership and job satisfaction.

      3.  Personal Growth

78% of employees report peer coaching made them more successful and contributed to their personal growth.

      4.  Holistic Well-Being

After each peer coaching conversation, employees leave with 2.4X more positive emotions than when they began.

      5.  Shared Purpose

85% of peer coaches can see how they can live their purpose in their current jobs and daily work.

Bring the New EVP to Life

From the very beginning, Imperative’s mission has been to humanize work and enable every employee to feel fulfilled in their day-to-day work. Imperative’s platform can easily operationalize this new, human-centered EVP and create meaningful change in the lives of employees and their organizations.

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