Why Internal Networks Optimize Employee Wellbeing


September 21, 2021

Internal networks in organizations are key for employee wellbeing. In order to optimize employee performance, training, health, and happiness, companies need to implement these networks.  Internal networks can be used not only to foster learning and mentorship, but also to create valuable human connections between coworkers. This is especially true in an economy where flexible work schedules and remote work are becoming the norm instead of the exception. There’s been no existing way to create diverse trusted peer networks at scale in hybrid work places, but organizations need to figure it out quickly. 

The pandemic forced many companies to completely change the way that they do business, including when and where their employees work. While there are real benefits to remote work, it also has negative consequences like increased loneliness amongst workers. For example, according to a study carried out by Cigna, 61 percent of Americans report feeling lonely and 24 percent of Americans report that their mental health is fair or poor. The pandemic has made these figures even worse than previous years. More than 50% of employees report that they are just surviving or are seriously struggling. 

The switch to digital and the resulting reduction of meaningful connections of the workplace is also reducing innovation and making it harder for people to fully engage with their job. Further, lonely employees are 45% less productive than non-lonely employees. This productivity reduction amongst lonely employees can cost U.S. employers up to $406 billion per year. 

How Internal Networks Can Help

Hybrid work and remote work is here to stay. Employees want and expect flexibility, so it’s not a matter of if companies need a strategy around this, but how soon can they implement one that works. Internal networks are a tool that companies can use to keep remote workers feeling engaged, connected, and excited about work. These networks can help boost productivity and morale, meeting the employee’s needs and the company’s goals at the same time.

Internal networks improve mental and physical health, reduce burnout, and increase the ability for employees to learn from each other more effectively. Additionally, having internal networks where employees can connect with each other on a regular basis can significantly help to make employees feel more purposeful at work. This is because 50% of employee purpose is social in nature. 

In addition to creating a sense of purpose, internal networks also help to boost fulfilment amongst employees. This is because they help to create meaningful connections with a lot of social value. People who do not have meaningful relationships only have a 1% chance of feeling fulfilled. Companies who want their employees to feel more fulfilled at work should strongly consider implementing internal networks that create strong relationships between coworkers. 

Creating a Great Internal Network 

Internal networks are not only helpful for training and creating great relationships, but they also can make it easier for employees to advance in the company and get promotions. These networks are great for both employees and for business leaders. However, despite how beneficial these internal networks are, they can be difficult to build properly if you don’t put the right infrastructure in place. In order for internal networks to work well, there has to be an incredible amount of organization and coordination in order to make sure that the right people are connecting with each other at the right times, in the right places.

If you want to create a strong internal network at your business, then you should consider using Imperative. Imperative peer coaching networks are the first solution to scale meaningful connections and network development.

  • 97 percent of people who use Imperative peer coaching networks build meaningful connections and sustain them 
  • Imperative peer coaching networks focus on optimizing for purpose, which creates psychological safety
  • They can be easily implemented and used by all employees throughout an entire organization 

If you want to build an excellent internal network within your company that increases productivity, reduces loneliness, and strengthens bonds between your employees, then get in touch with us today to learn more. 

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