Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Britt Andreatta in partnership with LinkedIn Learning


Having a clear sense of purpose makes it easier for you to create meaningful work/career. According to Imperative co-founders Aaron Hurst and Arthur Woods, we all have purpose drivers.  

Purpose drivers are the unique ways we each are wired to gain purpose based on who we impact, why we work and how we lead. These drivers don't tend to change as we change jobs, roles and functions, so we frame them as one's 'North star'.

Learn about the purpose drivers below.

Who Do You Want to Impact?

Why Do You Work? 


How Do You Want to Solve Challenges? 

"Change begins with the individual. I can improve people's lives by meeting their needs and finding solutions that overcome their challenges. I like to see a person's eyes light up."



"By enabling an organization or team to succeed, I am able to touch the lives of many. I like to see goals and metrics that show the impact at the team or organizational level."



"A healthy society will result in healthy individuals and healthy organizations. Therefore, my focus is on how work can impact Society at large. Even small changes, when clever, can have massive impact."


"When we are a society of equals we will be truly a great society."



"When allowed to realize their potential, people can move mountains."


"The challenges and opportunities will change over time, but if we build strong communities, they will rise to the occasion every time."



"If we start with empathy and with an understanding of the human and environmental context, we can create breakthrough solutions to any challenge or opportunity."



"Knowledge is the key to unlocking change. Curiosity will uncover the answers we need to solve our greatest challenges and to realize our most exciting opportunities."



"When we have the right structures in place to support us—from goals to roles to training—we can achieve unimaginable things."


Did you make a guess about your purpose drivers? 

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