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How Human Beings Manage Their Work Experience

Peers supporting each other to make their work fulfilling

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Culture Change at the Turn of a Dial

Select the change you want to amplify and Imperative matches peers to build networks across the company to activate it.





Personal Purpose Profile

Each person creates a profile that unlocks their personal purpose and measures their current fulfillment at work. Imperative is then personalized for them based on what gives them confidence and clarity to navigate work—from a psychological place of optimism instead of fear.

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Matching Algorithms

Employees are regularly matched with the right new peer coaching partner for them and the organization. By combining purpose and fulfillment profile data with traditional demographic data, Imperative is able, for the first time, to use predictive organization network analytics to create connections that are proven to drive positive changes in the organization’s culture.

Guided, Meaningful Conversations & Action

Every two weeks, peers measure their fulfillment and are then guided through a personalized conversation that is scientifically engineered to be psychologically safe, positive, reflective, and energizing. Each peer leaves having made a specific commitment to align their work with what fulfills them before the next conversation.

tablet with imperative app
tablet with imperative app

Personalized Dashboard

People take ownership of their work experience and track their progress on their personalized dashboard on Imperative. They track the growth of their network of trusted peers, their insights from coaching conversations, and their commitments.

Next Generation
People Analytics

Imperative provides analytics about a company’s people and peer networks as they evolve.

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Employee Experience. As people align their work with what fulfills them, Imperative is able to provide insights into what matters to them and their progress.

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Network Analysis. As companies turn their Imperative dials, they see networks form in support of their priorities and can measure their size, strength, and impact.

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Enterprise Ready Technology

Imperative is built to enterprise standards for privacy and security so you and your people always know they are safe.

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