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A Simple Solution Built for Humans

Work Smarter, Together

Through Imperative’s video-based coaching platform, peers from within your organization meet in rotating pairs for guided peer-to-peer coaching conversations.

One hour for each peer coaching conversation

Conversations take place every two weeks

Five conversations with one peer each quarter

Four peer coaching partners per year

Video-Enabled Conversations

With no training needed, your employees use Imperative’s peer coaching video platform to facilitate their conversations. It leaves them energized, meaningfully connected, and committed to action.

Video-based coaching platform to connect remotely
Scientifically designed prompts and coaching tips to guide your conversations
Dynamic insights from their Purpose Profile that personalize each conversation
Action setting and check-ins at the start and end of each peer coaching session

Smart Matching

Imperative uses our smart matching model to connect peers at your company for a series of one-on-one guided video conversations. The best part? We’re able to match them based on their current fulfillment, motivations, strengths, and values which makes for one meaningful conversation after another.

Insights and Analytics

With each peer coaching conversation on the Imperative platform, your employees will create personalized, intentional actions that impact their productivity and sense of fulfillment.

The Imperative platform can provide anonymized access to action themes and provide visibility into how the actions are impacting their productivity and fulfillment—a direct result of peer coaching conversations.

Guided, Structured Conversations

Peer Coaching Conversations on the Imperative platform are guided and structured, meaning your employees don’t need any training or advance prep work to have insight and action generating conversations.

Designed by Imperative or co-authored for your company specifically, our conversations always meet your people exactly where they are—launching them on a personal and professional growth track they feel empowered to own."

True growth like this is ongoing, so our conversations are designed to happen on a regular basis, providing immediate value from the 1st conversation to the 1000th.