Personal Purpose Profile

Purpose-Oriented employees aren't just teachers and social workers. They work and thrive in every industry and role - accountants, farmers, designers, you name it. Purpose-oriented employees are the high performers, often in leadership roles. They persist, they are proactive, they grow, and they lead. Imperative's breakthrough Personal Purpose Profile is the first comprehensive assessment and report combination to predict what brings purpose to each of your employees. It enables them to build self-awareness around what intrinsically motivates them. This allows employees to tailor their work and careers with using their purpose drivers.


Uncover Purpose

Enable employees to discover their purpose - who they seek to serve, how they seek to serve them, and why they are motivated to serve them. The Personal Purpose Assessment and report provides individuals with clarity about their purpose type and drivers; employees know what truly motivates them and can begin their purpose journey.

Develop Leadership Competencies

Purpose-driven employees each have one of three purpose-driven leaderships styles: craft-driven, impact-driven, or values-driven. When they embrace their style they are able to more quickly develop into authentic leaders. The Personal Purpose Profile defines their style and offers concrete tips on how activate it in their work.

Craft Purpose Narrative

Develop individual personal purpose statements and stories, an articulation of employees' purpose assessment results in their own words that they can own. Purpose is at the core of one's identity. The Purpose Statement Builder enables an employee to describe their purpose in their own words and then share it with others. It begins to define them and give them the courage to lead with purpose.

Enhance Collaboration

Connect with colleagues in the organization to uncover their Purpose Drivers. Gain insights into how to best team up, complement work, and lean on those of similar drivers for empowerment and support.

Overcome Potential Biases

Every employee, when working in alignment with their purpose drivers, has incredible potential and ability to impact the organization's success. But their purpose also creates biases in how they solve problems and engage with their colleagues. The Personal Purpose Profile surfaces these biases so the team can own them and work to overcome them.

Align Organizational Purpose

Every organization has a purpose. With Imperative you can now help every employee find the intersection of their personal purpose and the organization’s purpose. Employees are provided custom content on the platform about the organization’s approach to purpose and specific content about how that purpose aligns with their own purpose drivers.

Connect Volunteering and Philanthropy

Our purpose drivers predict what types of volunteering and giving will be the most fulfilling and have the greatest impact in the community. The Personal Purpose Profile provides insights for each employee on how to make their community investments strategic for themselves and the organization.