2022 Workforce Purpose Index

The data is clear: relationships are the most critical missing piece in today’s workplace.

As companies and employees grapple with returning to work in hybrid environments, it’s clear that people are having a hard time building meaningful relationships at work.

Our newest study looks at why that is and what it takes to overcome these significant barriers for building fulfilling connections at work.

This new research paints a clear picture of how companies and managers can immediately adjust their current environments to best support employees while fostering development and growth.

In the 2022 Workforce Purpose Index, we’ll cover:

  • Areas where managers are failing their teams and how to close those gaps
  • 6 actions companies can take immediately to improve relationships inside their company
  • Insight into the specific types of relationships employees report valuing and needing the most
2022 Workforce Purpose Index
“Imperative’s findings help companies go from knowing they need to strengthen relationships at work to having clear insights on how to actually address it at scale.”
Rob Cross
Chief Research Scientist at Connected Commons