Building Manager Capability With Peer Coaching

Leverage the power of peer coaching to help people managers thrive and develop the leaders of the future.

As the role of management becomes increasingly complex and challenging, companies are finding that traditional manager development programs are falling short.

In this quick read, learn how leading companies like Zillow, Boston Scientific, and Accolade are having breakthrough results by empowering managers to lean on each other for support and to develop skills. They are seeing the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost, while building life-long relationships inside the company.

In this quick read, we’ll cover:

  • Why traditional manager development programs fall short
  • How peer coaching harnesses the power of peers to support each other
  • The critical management skills peer coaching helps cultivate
  • How to easily launch and scale within large organizations
Peer Coaching
“Many of us grew up with this mental model of what a manager is from our parents, which was, ‘Oh, they just give the orders. Now, you’re a mentor, you’re a coach, you have to set vision and strategy and give feedback. There’s just so many things for managers to do, and that’s complex.”
VP of Learning and Development, Zillow