The Definitive Guide to Manager-to-Manager Coaching

Leverage the power of peer coaching to help people managers thrive and develop the leaders of the future.

“Coaching skills are critical to the scalability of our company. Peer coaching has been phenomenal, because it puts into practice all the coaching skills we teach.”
Corina Kolbe
VP of Learning and Development, Zillow

In this comprehensive guide you will learn how progressive employers use manager-to-manager coaching to help managers:

  • Reinforce and apply core management skills including coaching skills
  • Create space to put their work in context and be more strategic
  • Learn how to influence and support diverse stakeholders
  • Develop into leaders as they align their work and lives with their purpose
Manager to Manager Coaching

As the role of management becomes increasingly complex and challenging, companies are finding that traditional manager development programs are falling short.

In this guide, learn how leading companies like Zillow, Boston Scientific, and Accolade are having breakthrough results by empowering managers to lean on each other for support and to develop skills. They are seeing the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost, while building life-long relationships inside the company.