The ROI of Peer Coaching

Imperative reduces turnover by 35%, saving companies millions by boosting their people’s fulfillment.

Before the pandemic, businesses were losing an estimated $1 trillion a year to voluntary turnover. Since then, the number of people considering leaving their jobs has doubled, Fast Company reports.

In this quick read, we’ll share insights and data from our customers about how they’ve used Imperative’s peer coaching platform to reduce turnover.

A customer study of nearly 2,000 people found that employees who participated in peer coaching had a 35% lower attrition rate than their peers. And, if they engaged in at least six sessions per year, turnover dropped by 71%.

In this quick read, we’ll cover:

  • How peer coaching helps companies save on average $1.8 million per 100 employees annually
  • 5 key reasons peer coaching on Imperative is so effective at reducing turnover
  • ROI calculator to determine how much your company could save annually in attrition costs
The ROI of Peer Coaching