Bust Silos & Improve Collaboration

Imperative connects distributed employees for conversations that create powerful cross-functional collaboration.

Silos & disconnection have dramatically increased in remote and hybrid workplaces.

The key to busting silos is creating consistent, meaningful, and intentional connections across your entire organization. Imperative builds the connections you need at scale.

Leading Employers Use Imperative to Create Organization-Wide Collaboration
Boston Scientific

Imperative Creates Connection at Scale, Resulting in:


Cross-Functional Connection

Connect employees across teams, departments, and experience levels for intentional relationship building

Organizational Relationships

Enhanced Team and Organizational Relationships

Create genuine connections with high-impact, scientifically designed conversations

Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Inspire collaborative innovation and problem-solving by bringing employees’ unique knowledge & strengths together

Agile Decision Making

Increased Agility & Decision Making

Access real-time, actionable data and insights into your employees’ experiences

Why Imperative Works

  • Personal Purpose Discovery

Provide employees with insights into their intrinsic motivation and how they can apply it to their jobs, increasing their engagement and impact

  • Smart Matches

Pair employees with the right colleagues based on program format, organizational goals and shared purpose indicators

  • Dynamic Conversations

Guided and personalized structure accelerates trust and builds rapport through shared experiences and challenges

  • Trusted Network Creation

Create networks across relevant parts of the organization proven to increase retention

People collaborating

Proven Results

Employees are 35% less likely to quit when they are connected on Imperative.

Imperative Software

The Imperative Platform

Imperative is a video-based platform that builds and measures employee connection. With Imperative, employees engage in powerful conversations that build connection to each other, their teams, and the organization.

For leaders, Imperative provides unprecedented insight into the state of new hire relationships within their function and across the organization.

Our Customers Build Cross-Functional Collaboration

Create a Collaborative Workforce

Imperative brings you into more of a collaborative workforce. I think it broadens your understanding of how things work at the company as you partner with people, and how what you do impacts other people.


Director of Sales Operations, NetApp

Connect Employees for Lasting Problem Solving

After our Imperative conversations,  my partner reaches out and we collaborate. I’m not directly his boss, but he understands we’re going to collaborate and resolve things together. That to me was the biggest win out of my first conversation.

Field Operations Manager, Zillow

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Learn How Imperative Sparks Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Create meaningful connections across functions
  • Increase belonging & reduce turnover
  • Improve collaboration & efficiency
  • Build high-performing teams