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Peer Coaching Is the Key to Working Smarter, Together.

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Peer Coaching Is Simple

You get paired with a peer at your company to have guided conversations on our video platform that are geared toward committing to intentional action and creating accountability while building trusted relationships.

Do Your Best Thinking

This is a chance to process and reflect on your work experiences, giving yourself a chance to rise above day-to-day tasks and organize your thinking.

Meaningful Action

Identify and commit to an action at the end of each conversation that will lead to meaningful change.

Social Accountability

You and your partner will hold each other accountable to each action you commit to, fast-tracking your growth.

Just Show Up

No prep-work needed: just join your peer on the platform at the times you schedule. The conversations are guided with structured questions to make this a meeting you can look forward to.

Peers Are Powerful

Unlike a mentor or your manager, peers provide a sense of safety to openly share work experiences with because there’s no power dynamic in the relationship.

Build an Internal Network

You’ll be paired with 4 different peers per year, building a network across your organization of trusted peers.

Peer Coaching Makes An Impact

Emani shares why peer coaching is critical to develop and support leaders today.